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Ida County Communications Center Logo

In April, 2017, the Communications Center was remodeled. Two fully functional and highly efficient consoles, along with new computers, monitors, and other equipment was installed. In November, 2018 the Communications Center began providing Emergency Medical Dispatch services to the public. 

The Ida County Communications Center is staffed by 6 dispatchers who are dual trained as jailers. In 2019, the communications center handled 9,247 calls for service and directed many more administrative calls to appropriate destinations. In addition to dispatching for the Ida County Sheriff’s Office, the Communications Center also provides dispatch services for all Fire/EMS agencies within the county and maintains communications with state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The Communications Center is the primary point of contact for everyone calling 911 within Ida County or calling administrative lines. As there is only one person staffing the Communications Center at a time, please call 911 but only for a life or property threatening emergency. If you need assistance and it is not an emergency situation, please call 712-364-3146. 

For questions about the Communications Center, please contact Sergeant Corey Trucke at 

When to use 911
You need an ambulance for a medical emergency.
You need the fire department for a fire, smell of smoke, or other fire emergency.
You need law enforcement for an emergency; such as a fight in progress, a current violent and dangerous situation, or other life threatening situation. 

When NOT to use 911
You want to know road conditions.
You need to speak with a Deputy Sheriff about a property crime that happened several hours ago.
Your electricity, gas, cable, water, or other utility is out.
You need directory assistance.