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Emergency Services

EMS Logo.pngIda County Emergency Services began providing service July 1, 2021.  This service is operated in conjunction with the Sheriff's Office and came out of a substantial need for additional EMS response. ICES is an AEMT/Provisional Paramedic non transport EMS agency designed to assist local transport and non transport agencies with coverage.

ICES will accompany patients to the hospital when necessary to provide ALS level care and/or to augment volunteer EMS agencies.

ICES is dispatched alongside city based EMS agencies during daytime working hours (generally 8am-5pm Monday-Friday), when volunteer EMS providers are stretched the thinnest.   ICES may also be activated after hours during times of EMS system stress, special events, or critical incident callouts.

ICES assists with countywide training opportunities for public safety entities by organizing and/or providing ongoing training on communications, CPR, bloodborne pathogens, among other requests.  ICES staff also assist city EMS directors with protocol development, quality assurance and compliance.

In addition, ICES provides Medical Examiner - Investigator (MEI) service to Ida County.

This service is primarily staffed by Ida County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Corey Trucke, and consists of part time/fill in staff as needed.

Staff Members:

Corey Trucke, Director, AEMT (51A)
A. Robert Welte, Paramedic (52P)
Joyce Schnabel, Paramedic (53P)
Ed Sohm, AEMT (50A)

For more information contact:

Corey Trucke, EMS Director 

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