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GTSB Results


The Ida County Sheriff's Office has released numbers from the Special Traffic Enforcement Project conducted May 23rd through June 5th in conjunction with the Memorial Day Holiday.

Several times each year the Sheriff's Office partners with the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau to ensure the safety of the traveling public as they operate motor vehicles along Iowa's highways.

The Sheriff's Office receives grant money from GTSB each year to purchase traffic related equipment such as in-car video cameras, radar units and preliminary breath test machines.

This equipment is essential for any law enforcement agency.  Sheriff Harriman stated, "These necessary pieces of equipment make our agency more efficient and effective in terms of traffic enforcement. I am proud of the fact that we can purchase these items without asking local taxpayers to foot the bill."

From May 23rd through June 5th the Sheriff's Office made 145-contacts with motorists.  Highlights from the 2-week project included:

Two (2) arrests for operating vehicles while intoxicated; sixteen (16) citations issued for speeding violations, and eighty-two (82) warnings for speeding; two (2) arrests for driving on a suspended or revoked license; eight (8) warnings issued for use of electronic devices by teenage drivers; and eighteen (18) warnings for motorists not carrying their proof of insurance cards.

In addition, the Sheriff's Office served three (3) arrests warrants and arrested one (1) person on a felony charge of narcotics possession.

The Sheriff's Office also conducts seat belt surveys during these traffic projects. Of the 235 motorists surveyed over 90% of them were wearing seat belts.